As we probably all know it’s coming into summer in the Northern Hemisphere, which means travelling season is upon us (woohoo)! I’ve travelled quite a bit in my life and jetlag used to always get to me, which makes the first few days of exploring hard and tiring. But since then I’ve found a few little things I can do to help conquer my jetlag so I can get the most out of my trip.


  1. Try to book a late plane

If it’s possible try to book a plane late at night so you can sleep for most of your flight. Nothing is worst then staying up for the whole plane trip and arriving at your destination during day, then spending it at your hotel sleeping.


  1. Make yourself cosy

Make sure you’ve checked off your list of things to keep you comfortable during a flight. Such as a pillow, blanket, eye mask and a pair of headphones to block out the noise. Most airlines (especially international) will provide you with most of these but I always bring my own pillow and noise cancelling headphones.


  1. Stay hydrated

Planes are the worst for making you dehydrated! So make sure you’re keeping up your water intake before and during the flight.


  1. Keep clam

If you’re clam before your fight it’ll be easier to relax and get rest during your flight. Before you leave for the airport make sure you’ve packed everything needed and you’ve double-checked your bookings and itinerary. Arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight also helps reduce last minute worries.


  1. Move your body!

It’s always the last thing you feel like doing, but before and after a flight I like to do some exercise. Whether it’s a walk or a workout at the hotel gym, it’s one of the best ways to get your body clock back to normal.


  1. Get on local time

If you’re arriving in morning, don’t go straight to your hotel and sleep. Keep yourself busy during the day and have an early night. It’s ridiculously hard to do but you’ll be thanking yourself once you’ve adjusted to local time. I also like changing my phone to local time during the flight to get myself mentally prepared.


  1. Get professional advice

If all else fails then go to your GP and ask for the right supplement for you to help you sleep!


Happy travelling and hopefully you won’t be a victim of the monster they call jetlag!!


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Blog post in collaboration with ByCila @bycila_


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