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Lihue - Aqua Chalcedony Earrings (BJE047C)

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These amazing rings were designed to be worn in all occasions!

°。The earwires are made of Sterling Silver 925 or Gold Plated over sterling silver, in case you are allergic to base metals.

°。The earrings are made in Gold Plated 18k or Silver Plated
Gold Plated: Gold plated jewelry has a layer of gold covering a base metal.
Silver Plated: Silver plated jewelry has a layer of silver covering a base metal.

°。The gemstone is the AQUA CHALCEDONY
Chalcedony is great for promoting a sense of peace and joy. Chalcedony helps to relieve one of negative emotions, bringing a greater sense of overall happiness into one's life.
All Chalcedonies are thought to absorb negativity and promote harmony. Chalcedony is a stone of Brotherhood. It promotes group stability, alleviates hostility, increases physical energy and balances the body, emotions, mind and spirit.
Chalcedony is birthstone of March.

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✧ Copper Turquoise

✧ Labradorite

✧ Blue Chalcedony

✧ White Druzy

✧ Rose quartz

The natural gemstone can vary in color, shape or size.


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We use top quality materials. Our metals are water safe (of course if you can avoid the water is better for the durability of your jewelry).

After getting your jewelry in contact with the water, please clean it and make sure to D R Y it well afterward and store it in a dry place (avoid humidity).

You need to keep your jewelry away from chemical products such as cleaning products with bleach, perfume, sunscreen, lotions, etc.

We also recommend to keep away from pools and hot tubes.


♥‿♥ Each piece is packaged with love & a great gift for any occasion.

If one or more items are gifts, please leave us a note at checkout and we'll box them separately.
You can also leave a personal note.


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