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Olivia Ring - Labradorite (BJR109)

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This ring is made in Gold Plated 14k and the gemstone is the Labradorite.

✔️ The gemstone is the LABRADORITE.
BIRTHSTONE: This is the gemstone that represents those who was born in February.

Labradorite is a stone of magic, awakening within you mystical and magical abilities and psychic powers. It has within it a deeply felt resonance that is very powerful, and it can be used to bring amazing changes to your life.

Gemstone Width: 1.5mm

Ring Width at the top: 2.0mm

Ring Width at the base: 0.6mm

💎 The natural gemstone can vary in color, shape or size.

❤ Each piece is packaged with love & a great gift for any occasion ❤

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