About us

ByCila was created because I wanted to share my love for life with all of you. This business really is an expression of who I am. I am a traveler. I am a free spirit. I am a family girl. I am a lover of life.
I’ll start off with a small glimpse into my personal life – I am a proud mama of two boys and wife to a very special man. When I’m not creating pieces, you can find me at home spending quality time with my 3 favorite men, who mean the world to me.
As a half Brazilian, half Japanese girl with a big smile and a big heart, I have spent a lot of my life traveling around the world. Originally from a beach town in Brazil, I began my travel adventures at a young age. I just had this zest for getting to know new places, especially when I got really into surfing.
I eventually settled into a corporate job. After 10 years, I was burned out. The money was nice but the job wasn’t fulfilling my soul and it restricted my ability to live and experience life the way I wanted to. So, I quit!
When I came to California about 9 years ago, I made it a goal to turn my life passion into a career. I began selling jewelry and it just felt right – like I was finally home. In addition to what I had, I started making my own pieces to sell at Farmers Markets and street fairs all over California. I loved interacting with clients and knew that with the right plan and determination, I could make a living out of it. That’s when I committed myself completely to my creative passion and never looked back.
I focus on creating expressive, raw and unique pieces. I draw inspiration from all forms of life around me – from plants and crystals; to the incredible colors of the ocean waters in Cali, Hawaii or Bali; to fabrics hanging in public markets; or to the thousands of colorful beads in local shops. Everything is art in my eyes. Our company also has a sister brand, MARESIA JEWELRY, which is an ocean inspired version of our adventurous spirit.
My hope is to create unique, beautiful and high-quality pieces that bring pure inspiration and beauty into your life. I want my pieces to make you feel even more gorgeous than you already are. I invite you into my happy and creative space...I hope it gives you as much joy as it gives.

With Love,

Priscila & family