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ByCila was created because I wanted to share my love for life with all of you! It’s an expression of who I am. I am a traveler. I am a free spirit. I love family. I love life.

A half Brazilian, half Japanese girl with a big smile and a big heart, I have spent most of my life traveling. Originally from a beach city in Brazil, but began my travel adventures when I was a small child. I started out with this zest for travel! I eventually settled into a corporate job until I felt burned out. The money was not fulfilling and it really restricted my ability to live and experience the life I wanted! I quit. When I came to California, I began selling jewelry and I felt at home. In addition to what I was selling, I began making my own pieces and selling at farmers markets, street fairs, anywhere I could get space! I love interacting with customers! I thought to myself, “This is what I want to do for living!” and that’s when I committed myself to my creative passion. In addition to jewelry, I have since expanded my line to include beautifully hand-crafted bags, wallets and purses.

You will see in my collections that I love creating things that are unique, expressive and beautiful. I draw inspiration from life all around me! The incredible colors in the oceans from Cali to Bali, the fabrics I see hanging in markets, beads in local shops... I want to create unique, beautiful and quality pieces that you love wearing.

I invite you in to my happy and creative place! Interacting with you is what makes this all special.

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